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"The Baptists comprise one of the largest and most diverse groupings of Christians in the United States... Baptists have insisted on freedom of thought and expression in pulpit and pew. They have insisted, too, on the absolute autonomy of the local congregation... Baptists are bound together by an amazingly strong 'rope of sand' in allegiance to certain principles and doctrines based generally on the competency of each individual in matters of faith.

While they differ in certain minor details, Baptists generally agree on the following principles of faith: the inspiration and trustworthiness of the Bible as the sole rule of life; the lordship of Jesus Christ; the inherent freedom of persons to approach God for themselves; the granting of salvation through faith by the way of grace and contact with the Holy Spirit...the church as a group of regenerated believers who are baptized upon confession of faith; infant baptism as unscriptural and not to be practiced...the need of redemption from sin; and the ultimate triumph of God's kingdom

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